Spring 2015 Senior Design Projects


Autonomous Line Inspection Assistant

Sponsored by San Diego Gas & Electric – www.sdge.com

A.L.I.A. Project Proposal

A.L.I.A. Final Report

A.L.I.A.   Web Page



Nursing and Outpatient Video Access Systems

Sponsored by West Health – www.westhealth.org

N.O.V.A.S. Project Proposal

N.O.V.A.S. Final Report

N.O.V.A.S.   Web Page


Dash Bolt

Internet of Things Smart Electric Bike

Sponsored by Wind River Systems – www.windriver.com

Dash Bolt Project Proposal

Dash Bolt Final Report

Dash Bolt Web Page



Micromouse – Autonomous Maze Solving Robot

E-CUBED Project Proposal

E-CUBED Final Report

E-CUBED Web Page



Micromouse – Autonomous Maze Solving Robot

N.A.V.I.  Project Proposal

N.A.V.I.  Final Report

N.A.V.I.   Web Page


Mighty Mouse

Micromouse – Autonomous Maze Solving Robot

Mighty Mouse Project Proposal

Mighty Mouse Final Report

Mighty Mouse Web Page


Rabbit Trails

Autonomous Walking Machine Challenge