Fall 2015 Senior Design Projects


Aether Engineering:  (Monday)

IOT Bluetooth Stethoscope

Sponsored by Wind River Systems – www.windriver.com

Aether Project Proposal

Aether Web Page


Status Airway:  (Tuesday)

Wireless Fault Indicator Deployment Vehicle

Sponsored by San Diego Gas & Electric – www.sdge.com

Status Airway Project Proposal

Status Airway Web Page


Robo Ronin:  (Wednesday)

Mini-Sumo Robot

Robo Ronin Project Proposal

Ronbo Ronin Web Page


OMUS:  (Wednesday)

Mini-Sumo Robot

OMUS Project Proposal

OMUS Web Page


Hydras:  (Thursday)

Hydrophone and Direction Rendering Analysis System

Sponsored by the SDSU Mechatronics Club – www.sdsumechatronics.org

Hydras Project Proposal

Hydras Web Page